Welcome to The Neighborhood Business Alliance!

The Neighborhood Business Alliance brings together our most vulnerable and impacted communities to advocate for sensible, informed solutions to local economic policies and beyond. As the small business crisis in San Francisco heightened, ethnic trade associations, family businesses, and workers joined forces to create a single voice on economic, cultural, and political issues affecting them the most.


Officially formed in 2019, we facilitate the growth and development of our members through ongoing government advocacy; legal, financial, and entrepreneurial education; as well as innovative programs that strengthen local merchants and groups


We will continue to build strategic partnerships with other impacted communities as well as work internally to build towards a more equitable future for everyone.

Mission, Vision and Founding Principles

We were founded to address small business concerns on an individual and systemic basis. Policymakers continue to create legislation without merchants at the table in a manner that is inclusive to underserved and immigrant-owned businesses.The Neighborhood Business Alliance sees building partnerships with existing small business support networks and merchant associations as a central part of advancing this work towards more equitable policies.

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Membership Options

Our membership options give merchants the support they need to be part of a larger, stronger, and more unified voice. You can benefit from The Neighborhood Business Alliance's recognized advocacy experience, unparalleled industry knowledge, and access to leading experts and decision-makers.